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Olga Zvyagina

Thank you so much! I was worried it wouldn't arrive before the game, but it came quickly. I'll try it out in action in a week and a half) I was very pleased with the little surprise that was immediate..


Bought it a couple of months ago, tried to paint it. The durability of the item is impressive, I'm happy with it! ..

Danila Nedbaev

Thank you very much! The service is great - they answered quickly and to the point, sent it promptly, and also included some nice extras in the package. Best of luck and prosperity to you!!! ..

Artem Sosykin

The grenade launcher makes a BOOM! ..

Lyn Pavlova

Thank you very much, it arrived quickly, and there was a surprise inside as well) it was a nice touch! ..

Evgeny Golynsky

I've been using "Sting" daggers for 5 years now, and now I've decided to add to my arsenal. It came quickly and we've been enjoying it for our second training session already. The devices are humane, ..

Dmitry Yurchenko

Bought a Gölbein (almost a replica of the SS Kortik). Very satisfied with the purchase, arrived in St. Petersburg in 3 days :) I recommend it to everyone, and plan to order a couple more knives in the..

Dmitry Voropaev

It arrived quickly. Looks tough. Haven't tested it in training yet. There are solid bonuses inside) ..

Demid Abramkin

Finally got my long-awaited toy - a poleaxe with a gotentag. I immediately mounted it onto a shaft. Time to hit some people on Sunday! Thanks to the manufacturer! ..

Danil Mertsanev

Great knife, the size was just right. Thanks to the guys for the tasty treats too :) ..

Arseniy Travin

Saw this knife with my friend at the game, asked where he got it but he wouldn't say. After some time, I stumbled upon it in a group. Now I have one too) Huge thanks to the guys. Everything was quic..

Pavel Ursegov

I tried out the club staff from this workshop and liked it, so I decided to get something for myself. I ordered it on Tuesday, they shipped it the same day, and it arrived in Ekaterinburg on Sunday, w..

Nikolai Osadchy

In general, it's very easy to paint the blade with a silver spray can. Before that, you need to cover the places where you don't want the paint to go with masking tape or a plastic bag. It's better to..

Leonid Trepyshko

Thanks for the training knife, I will definitely be ordering more in the near future. ..

Ilya Vinokurov

Great product, it bends and everything. Perfect for my needs. The rubber is of good quality, and there's possibly some kind of frame inside, but I wasn't sure. You can order it! I followed the advice ..

Dmitry Tolcheev

Huge thanks for the high-quality points for javelins! The seller was responsive, shipped it quickly, and included candy as a gift. It's a small detail, but it's nice ;) ..

Andrey Chechetkin

Yesterday I picked up my order. The spear is excellent: it's soft, as I requested (thanks for the recommendation), and holds its shape well. It fits the staff perfectly. I'm satisfied with everything!..

Yaroslav Gusev

I ordered a spear and I'm happy with everything!! The order arrived quickly, the service was pleasant, the price was reasonable, the quality was good, and there were even candies as a bonus!!! Overall..

Wolf Freese

A luxurious street samurai mask. I highly recommend the workshop and the craftsmen. ..

Vyacheslav Khrenkov

Awesome stuff.. Bought myself a Brodex and a one-handed ax) everything has already been tested and is awesome) the quality is superb, the delivery is fast, and the seller is responsive... It's beautif..