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We are a workshop from Russia, located in the city of Vladimir. Everything is made of thermoset: solid and plastic material. I recommend to watch the video in the goods in order to understand what is at stake.

– What is it all made of?

-Everything is made of a thermosetting material, hard and plastic, like rubber or a material that uses ColdSteel but is more plastic and hard.

-How to buy?

-go to the store section, form an order and send the completed form. Next I will contact you

– I accept payment on PayPal, deliver by mail or EMS

-I want this thing, do you?

-We make everything new when ordering from 30 pcs.

-what to paint? paint does not peel off?

-can be painted in principle with anything that can be applied with a thin layer. I usually paint with acrylic, painted with nitro a couple of times. paint of course peels off during operation.

-Is there a discount for wholesale?-Yes, there are discounts, wholesale starts from 30 pcs. Write in a personal, we will discuss everything 

The combination of safety, surroundings, efficiency and durability is perhaps the best of all that is in the world.

Safety due to flexibility and protective “hooves” at the ends of piercing images. Thus, with a stake or hit on a person, you can feel a blow but do not cause fatal injuries. We have the cleverness for both fellow combat and for playing with armless fighters. It is important to understand that what we do is not a LARP.

Entourage due to forms that are taken either from historical analogues or developed independently. We are very meticulous about the quality of models, we try to do everything very efficiently, all lines in the models are taut, all contours should be aesthetic. Functionality and beauty coexist in every product. At least we are applying force to this.

Efficiency is achieved due to the fact that the material is solid, flexible and, when embedded, is very elastic. Hitting a shield with a spear will actually have a stopping effect. An ax hit on the helmet will be noticeable but will not destroy either the helmet or the ax. We try to ecologically combine safety and stopping effect for the best quality of a game or training.

Material strength was our main concern. We searched and experimented for more than two years before we could find material that meets all our needs. Reactoplast collapses at fairly high loads, I would even say extreme. Of course, our products are destroyed, but to do this you will have to ask yourself this goal and have to sweat. You can safely use our entire assortment in battle without fear that it might collapse. An exception are some elements with spacers (such as poles), since with insufficient fastening on the span shaft it can come off. These cases are extremely rare, but nevertheless we do not hide it. Fasten to the poles firmly and in good faith and we will be happy for you.

Total: we make safe, beautiful, effective and durable amunyaga for games and training in airsoft, role-playing games and medieval battles.